Champ : - World's Highest Loading Filler Masterbatch


Our Quality Policy


We at Sarswati Group are committed to be the best in the business in terms of Quality and Service. Our aim is to provide the required quality at the lowest overall cost and with excellent service to the consumer's satisfaction.


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Our R&D Team

Our R & D Centre is equipped with modern test equipment and has well qualified and experienced people to undertake activities like development of new products and trouble shooting problems.

Manufacturing is carried out in particular environment with machines complying with the latest innovative production & safety standards. Production procedures and inventory management forms an integral part of our systems which guarantees maximum control in the quality of the finished products and a quick answer to customer’s request in the shortest possible time.

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Calulate the COST SAVING when you use CHAMP compared with other local fillers in the market.

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Benefits of Using Our Filler

Sarswati Polymer Industries offers WORLD’S HIGHEST LOADING FILLER MASTER-BATCH, ideal for HM-HDPE Carry/Shopping Bags applications.

Highest Loading Performance

SARASWATI consists of fine Calcium Carbonate Blended with Specialty Polymer and additives, allowing much higher loading compared to conventional filler masterbatches. It can be loaded up to 150-200 PHR* in HDPE/LDPE Blown film used in Carry Bags of 15 to 30 Microns. Since, Loading of our filler upto maximum level doesn't affects too much the tensile strength of the final product, you can fill the product upto the extreme level. The loading level depends on machine, tolerance acceptable to final products, processing conditions, type of raw materials etc. Better results are found when preheating process of raw-materials is followed before extrusion.


1. Cost benefits: High loading for HDPE/LDPE Film/Bags gives Considerable Cost reduction.

2. Production Increase: Increases production more than 10% compared to any other filler in the market.

3. Quality benefits: Produced on advanced manufacturing equipments under stringent quality control ensuring consistency in every lot. Powder formation is much lower compared to conventional filler master-batches. It is one of the best grades of filler master-batches for HDPE/LDPE Carry Bags.

4. Support and Service: Sarswati Polymer Industries offers fast and prompt delivery with excellent technical support.


Serial No. Benefits Details
1 Enhance Mechanical Properties By adding fillers at optimum level, you will benefit from the following for each applications
  Raffia Extrusion  + Antifibrillation / Antisplit
     + Increase Opacity
     + Tape Stiffness
  Injection Moulding  + Higher Izod Impact Strength
     + Higher Flexural Strength
  Blown Film  + Anti-Blocking
     + Better Sealability
     + Better Printability
2 Easy-To-Use

You can simply add Filler Master-batch into the same mixer tank/ hopper with Polymer resins and other additives to give 100% total, with no change or very minimal change in your production process.


No. Cost Saving Details
1 Replacement of Polymer Resins You can add Filler Master batch to replace plastic resins whose prices are higher, from 15-200% dosage.
2 Replacement of White Color Master batch By adding more Filler Master batch from 6%, no white color master batch is needed, as Fillers are white in color.
3 Higher Productivity Filler Master batch can help enhance easier weaving quality, less cycle time, or faster forming of the products, you will get higher production outputs
4 Replacement of Anti-Split agent
(For Raffia Extrusion)
You can replace anti-split agent of higher price, by Filler Master batch giving out similar properties.