Champ : - World's Highest Loading Filler Masterbatch


Our Quality Policy


We at Sarswati Group are committed to be the best in the business in terms of Quality and Service. Our aim is to provide the required quality at the lowest overall cost and with excellent service to the consumer's satisfaction.


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Quality Comes First

To achieve customer satisfaction, the quality of our products and customer service must be our number one priority. Profits chase quality.

Our Main Focus is Customer

Our business must be conducted with our customers in mind, providing them with better products and services than our competition.

Our Traders & Indentors are our Partners

The Organization shall maintain mutually beneficial relationships with our distributors, vendors and business associates.

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Polyster Masterbatch


Mainly used for preparation of color fiber in textile industry

Suitable for spinning machinery such as shirt-terylen-fiber spinning machineof VD403, VD404 and VD406

Coloration function in filature working procedure1

Notice for application: mix color masterbatches with stuff resin at the ratioof 1:10 - 1:50 (specific ratio is decided by the specification of fiber and userrequirements), simply stir mixture to homogeneous (need no aux) to getthe required techno-colored product