Champ : - World's Highest Loading Filler Masterbatch


Our Quality Policy


We at Sarswati Group are committed to be the best in the business in terms of Quality and Service. Our aim is to provide the required quality at the lowest overall cost and with excellent service to the consumer's satisfaction.


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Our R&D Team

Our R & D Centre is equipped with modern test equipment and has well qualified and experienced people to undertake activities like development of new products and trouble shooting problems.

Manufacturing is carried out in particular environment with machines complying with the latest innovative production & safety standards. Production procedures and inventory management forms an integral part of our systems which guarantees maximum control in the quality of the finished products and a quick answer to customer’s request in the shortest possible time.

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Sarswati Plastics

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At Sarswati Plastics we believe in concept of Synergy. We work closely with all our stake holders to create value for all of them.

Backed by over 20 years of experience in the flexible packaging industry, Sarswati Plastics have become one of the leading manufacturers of different types of polyethylene bags i.e. High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE), & Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE). We manufacture bags of any size and colour.sp bag

Keeping in mind the importance of environment conservation, we also manufacture recycled bags which have been widely accepted by all our customers.

Our state of art manufacturing plant is located at Biratnagar which is 10 Kms from Indian Border. Our well designed plant includes from extrusion to printing to bag making machines. Over the years, Sarswati Plastics has built up an excellent team of technocrats, engineers and managers.

sp machineWe are of the firm belief that success is only possible with 100% customer satisfaction which we consistently aim for. We link closely with our customer to clearly understand their requirement and involve them in the design process. We provide them with a quality product that will suit their needs, thus creating value for our customers.

Our customers include various industrial organization and retailers like supermarket, hypermarket, and departmental stores to whom we provide individually customized solutions. We integrate different resources to provide products of supreme quality with timely service at the right price.

Sarswati Plastics offers the greatest selection of polyethylene bags, films & others in the packaging industry. No matter what your requirements, you'll find Sarswati can provide the polyethylene packaging that's right for you.

What's more, Sarswati Plastics offers your company:

  • The best prices you can find in the market

  • The widest selection of product sizes, including a broad range
    of specialty items, custom packaging and printing options

  • Quality that will exceed your specifications

  • A superior product staff who will analyze your needs and offer polyethylene packaging products that provide the best solution

    For the extensive product selection you need, the best price, finest quality, fastest lead time, and a sales staff that works for you, call on Sarswati Plastics - The Solution for All Your Packaging Needs.

Sarswati Plastics is a custom manufacturer of quality polyethylene packaging materials for industrial, commercial and retail use. We produce thousands of bags daily ranging in width from 5" to 36" and in gauges of 5 Microns to 40 Microns. Large number of extruders operates 24 hours a day in our Biratnagar plant, with the added benefit of technical add ups to help meet our customers' specifications quickly and effectively.

With the utilization of modern blending equipment, which regulates additives and color concentrates, we provide high quality bag colors and film characteristics such as slip and anti-static levels. Sarswati's expert staff can analyze your sample, select the proper resin, and custom formulate materials to your exact specifications with the use of additives, such as calcium carbonate, talc, antislip agents, anti-static agents and flame retardants. We provide prompt quotes based on precise specifications, which can be submitted using our online Request for Quote..

We also offer a complete line of unprinted polyethylene bags and roll stock.